With over 20 years in the field, Zona Certa didn't want to break ties with their existing logo but needed a fresh approach. As the market grows bigger Zona Certa needed a visual identity to keep up with their solid stance. 
The Redesign approach
In order to make the logo overall more coherent, while the focus remained on the letter "O" (previously a crosshair target) which has the shape of a perfect circle, on the new logo mark it symbolizes a "spot" such as on a map, emphasizing the strategic location of their properties.
This shape was the starting point for the choice of typography which also aims to give the logotype a sense of openness; the bold weight of the typography gives it strength and solidity while the choice of a non-serif typeface "underlines" notions of transparency, straightforwardness. The choice of colour — a dynamic one and a sober one —  aims to
give the logo a more contemporary look and helps it to stands out.

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