William Shakespeare's King John
Coveiros [Gravediggers]
Original Text by Jacinto Lucas Pires from Hamlet, William Skakespeare
A play by Marcos Barbosa

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Aqui somos todos Lázaro [We are all Lazarus here]
An actor plays an actor who reflects on his adventures in the town where the play is performed (five towns) interacting with the audience for confirmation and acknowledgment of his theories.
He reflects on what 'making theater' is and how that becomes relevant for other people, reflects on what surrounds us and the process of artistic creation, reflects on an urgency to find answers.
At the beginning of the play the actor character looks for a spike, or a stage marking, commenting out loud  "Is it here?", looking down to the floor, "It's sort of around here, isn't it? There should be a marking..."
The concept from the poster takes from the spike in stagecraft.

A play by Marcos Barbosa
Original text by Jacinto Lucas Pires

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